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Cheese & Pizza... a match made in heaven!

Looking for that perfect cheesy Gourmet Pizza? Ask the Experts at Fromage!

The version of pizza we are most familiar with was first introduced to the world from Naples, Italy around the late 1700’s and since that time has continued to rise in popularity virtually worldwide. Not only every region in Italy puts their own spin on the “traditional” pizza pie, so too do regions across all the continents. You’ll find deep-dish pizza in Chicago (we’ve been there and it is DEEP) and Margherita pizza in Naples, Zapiekanka from Poland and Tarte Flambèe found in both France and Germany. There is even a banana topped pizza popular in Iceland! What IS universal to pizza just about everywhere though is cheese. Cheese can make or break a great pizza and as your gourmet fine food and cheese emporium in Orangeville Ontario, how could we not share our thoughts on what cheese pairs best with pizza? If you’re looking for that perfect cheesy gourmet pizza, we can help!

Whether you’re looking for something more traditional or a pizza with creativity and flair, you’ll want to start with a solid foundation to build from and that means your crust had better be a good one! In fact, according to one survey done, more than 57% of consumers claimed the crust was the most important part of their pizza! That’s why, in addition to cheeses from around the world, we sell Pie Joint classics from in our shop. Until recently, you would have had to travel much farther north than Orangeville for these par baked classics, a great foundation from which to start your pizza building experience!

Here are just a few suggestions from our store to your front door:

  • Buy any of the classic Pie Joint pizzas we carry and bring it home for a quick nutritious meal that’s better than any take-out.
  • Starting with their traditional cheese pizza, consider adding gourmet toppings rather than traditional. Freshly sliced prosciutto is always popular and a step up from the everyday pepperoni and if you want to truly create a pie with a little something extra, add arugula.
  • If the family is finicky, stick with plain cheese for the kids but make your “grown-up” pie stand out from the crowd with spicy salami or chorizo sausage.
  • Pair your pizza with some pretzels and/or gourmet crackers and one of our available tapenades or dips to truly elevate your pizza experience.
  • Consider the “Muskoka” pizza and enjoy cottage pizza flavours at home by adding even more Buffalo Mozzarella. Talk about a cheesy experience!
  • If you’ve ever wondered what Buratta is, it’s a cheese best used on a pizza just as it comes out of the oven. Buratta is an Italian cow’s milk cheese made from mozzarella and cream and is best used while it is still very fresh. The outer casing is “solid” while the inside quite soft so when you bring a fresh pizza hot out of the oven and break open a buratta cheese over the top, it becomes “like one” with the pizza adding a fresh, mouth-watering and rich cheesy taste and texture to every mouthful.

Fromage has fine cheeses, gourmet foods and offers both a bistro menu and take-out foods, with a wide selection that will appeal to every taste bud. Pizza’s are just the latest in our line-up and when paired with any of our fine cheeses we’re confident you’ll turn an every day pizza night into anything but ordinary! Visit Fromage for help creating a world-class pizza that rivals anything you might find in Italy, Germany, France, Poland, or even…Iceland!