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Make Cheese A Part Of Your Holiday Traditions

If we’re being honest with ourselves, a large part of just about any holiday tradition is the food. Everyone has a favourite food at this time of year and whether that reflects your faith-based traditions, your cultural background or simply that the holidays are a good excuse to indulge, it is food that’s often the focal point. At Fromage, we’re able to help make your holidays merry and bright with a wide range of products and services that will have your guests feeling festive, full and fabulous! The holidays shouldn’t just be about sweet treats, instead we invite you to make cheese a part of your holiday traditions.

Cheese platters and charcuterie boards filled with a sumptuous array of cheese make a beautiful centrepiece for just about any occasion. Smaller selection boards for an intimate gathering of neighbours are ideal, with 2-3 types of cheeses paired with crackers, nuts, olives and fresh grapes. We suggest keeping it simple with an aged, old cheddar with a bit of bite to it, a milder cheese like gruyere, swiss or havarti, and then perhaps something smoked, like a gouda, to add variety. It’s sure to please anyone at the table.

For larger gatherings you have an opportunity to really explore the world of taste and texture with cheese. Make a statement with a bold hunk of parmesan and a very old, aged white cheddar. We carry a variety for you to choose from and you’ll want to make it the star at the centre of your board. With a larger board you have more options and up to five cheeses will ensure you have something for everyone’s taste buds. While still maintaining the principle of a mild, an aged and a flavourful, you now have room to get a little playful too – perhaps considering a soft, spreadable cheese like a brie or camembert and if you do, we suggest adding a small pot of jam or jelly to augment the flavours of the cheese.

Manchego is a popular cheese board choice and if you want to consider guests with a potential lactose or allergy concern, you can include a goat cheese selection. If you are really feeling bold, nothing says, “packs a punch” like blue cheese! Build your board out from the centre and start to augment it with charcuterie items like prosciutto or salami and have some fun rolling or shaping it into little rosettes, making your board pretty.

You may also want to include a large piece of cured meat from which guests can slice their own preferred thickness. Grapes, olives, figs or dates, nuts and pickles are all excellent choices to fill in the gaps. Finally, an excellent assortment of crackers (both plain and flavourful) along with a fresh baguette will give your guests something to smile about.

Did you know that cheese and chocolate, cheese and wine and even cheese and beer all make excellent pairings? There are cheeses infused with wine, cheese soaked in dark stout beer and yes, there is even a chocolate cheese too. You may want to offer your guests these unusual choices paired with a glass of your favourite beverage whether that’s a Guinness or a good bottle of Shiraz. Might we suggest that while the holidays are not just about sweet treats, having a small selection of chocolate alongside your cheese and charcuterie board is never a bad thing!

Visit Fromage before your next holiday gathering. With over 50 cheeses to choose from and offering speciality charcuterie and cracker selections – along with our entire line of take home delicious meals and pizzas – you’ll find something to please even the fussiest guests (or finicky children too!) If you want to make cheese a part of your holiday traditions, we make it easy!