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Mmmmn, Grilled Cheese – It’s Not Just For Kids!

The Fromage team is dedicated to celebrating cheese in all its many ways, shapes and forms, but perhaps such a celebration has never been so relevant as right now – during National Grilled Cheese Month! Yes, there is an entire month devoted to celebrating this tried, true and reliable sandwich, one that has become a staple on many a kitchen table because just about everyone loves it. Great for kids, the bigger news is that the common grilled cheese has changed in the past few years and frankly it’s not just for kids anymore! If you are looking for an elevated sandwich experience, read more about grilled cheese below!

Caution to readers – if you’re not already hungry, you will be any minute now!

Simple Tips for Simple Sandwiches

Did you know that not all cheese is created equal? Of course you did! After all there are an estimated 1800 kinds of cheese around the world, each unique in taste and texture. The real reason we mention this however, is that even a simple grilled cheese requires care and that’s because not all cheese reacts the same to heat.

  • You need to choose a cheese that melts easily and quickly, otherwise you’ll end up with something burnt on the outside and chunky and not melted on the inside. Yuck!
  • Avoid Parmesan, Manchego and Aged Goudas, all of which won’t melt quickly enough and/or evenly enough – leaving you at the risk of burnt toast.
  • We’ve heard some people grate their cheddar cheese and sprinkle it on the buttered bread before grilling. That certainly works!
  • Beware some store-bought, pre-grated cheeses however – they won’t necessarily melt well for you since they often contain an ingredient specifically included to avoid any clumping!

Elevating your Grilled Cheese Experience

Now for the good part – ANYTHING GOES. There are so many flavourful combinations you can experiment with when it comes to upgrading your grilled cheese experience. The varieties and combinations are literally endless.

  • To start – consider adding something pickled, or with “a bit of tang” to your sandwich that not only tastes great but will help to offset the richness from the cheese. Red pepper jelly comes to mind, fig and balsamic, actual pickles and any kind of pickled jam or onion based products are yummy, yummy and more yummy.
  • Consider pairing your grilled cheese with beer for a true “grown up” experience. A cheddar and bacon grilled cheese is delicious with a pale ale and a cheddar and apple grilled cheese is “the bomb” when paired with a cider!
  • For those with a heartier appetite, (for both beer and cheese) consider a strong stout (even one with notes of coffee or chocolate) paired with a turkey and swiss grilled cheese. It’s a delicious way to use up leftovers and enjoy both a hearty meal and a drink.
  • Finally – our last tip is this one: To make an extra cheesy grilled cheese, put some grated cheddar directly onto the pan and place your buttered sandwich on top. It’ll melt onto the bread giving you an extra crispy, cheesy crunch.

If all of this has your mouth watering but you just don’t have the time to create a unique sandwich of your own, Fromage has you covered. Our newest grilled cheese creation is called the Mamma Mia and for good reason! How does this sound? We start with a fresh Ciabatta bun and our housemade roasted red pepper pesto. So far so good right? Then we pair this with smoked provolone that’s outrageously delicious and fresh spinach – yup, spinach – for a grilled cheese extravaganza.

Try one today, you won’t regret it! Grilled cheese – it’s not just for kids!