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September’s Here – Try Our “Back to School Supper Solutions!”

Meal Planning for Busy Families on the go!

Nothing says hearty and healthy quick meal solutions like cheese. Nutritious and delicious, cheese is a universal food that can be eaten hot or cold, melted and baked, shredded, used as a garnish, in a sandwich or on a charcuterie board when entertaining. It’s a good source of protein for fuelling little minds at school and part of a filling entrée at the dinner table. With the kids back at school and busy families experiencing the sudden rush of “I’m starving,” and “What’s for dinner,” anytime after 4pm – you need back to school supper solutions you can rely on and Fromage can help!

For School Lunches:

Cheese is an excellent source of protein, as well as calcium and Vitamin D. Make it fun to eat by cutting into cubes and pairing it with apple slices, grapes, slices of a favourite deli meat, cherry tomatoes and some crackers for your own homemade “lunch on the go.” Kids love containers with foods separated and manageable, bit-sized portions mean less waste and a lunch box kids can snack on throughout the day.

For Dinner:

  • We’ve got you covered with everything from soups to pizza, healthy pasta bakes and more! Fromage offers take home meals in 3 sizes guaranteed to please any family, whatever the size. Take the guesswork out of dinner during what is already a busy and hectic month as your return to some routine and structure in your life! Our take home meals come in single serve, medium – feeding an average of 2 – 3 people and in large, typically serving up to 8 family members so you can even ask the parents over for dinner!
  • Fromage homemade meals are literally made from scratch and contain no additives of preservatives. You can’t get much better than that – or can you? Of course you can because when you add in the fact we use only the finest cheeses from our in-house selection, satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Our meals are available to order online anytime and local delivery is also available. What’s better than take-out? A fully cooked, healthy and homemade meal you can take-out any time, pop in your oven and have ready in a flash!
  • We have soups too! Just like our meals to go, so too are our soups and when the weather starts to get a little cooler towards the end of September, a hearty bowl of soup might be just what you crave.

Do You Have Special dietary considerations?

We can help! Fromage offers options that are vegetarian, vegan and dairy or gluten free. Ask us how we can support your family’s particular requirements.

Did Someone Say Pizza?

As you head into the weekend after a long and busy first or second week of school, nothing says easy to please like asking, “Who wants pizza?” The beauty of our Pie Joint Pizzas is that they are wood-fired deliciousness ready in just 9 minutes flat! If you are preparing for a busy hockey season ahead or heading off to swim team practice, these pizzas are a great meal option that’s healthy, yummy and literally ready to serve in less than 10 minutes. You can’t get take-out for that!

When you are looking for healthy options for your family and meal-planning made easy, look no farther than Fromage. We take the guesswork out of that crazy September feeling of “back to school but I’m still in summer mode” and haven’t done any meal-planning yet. We also have “To Go” boxes, fresh baked breads and desserts too. In other words, everything you need for dinner, dessert and lunches too. Leftovers are great in a thermos and our generous family sized meals will be sure to please. Take the guesswork out of cooking this September with our Back To School Supper Solutions. You’ll be glad you did!