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Wedded Bliss! Fine Wines, Fine Cheese and Fiancés Have A Lot in Common!

Really? Right about now you’ve just read the title of our newest blog and you’re probably thinking to yourself, what on earth do cheese, wine and the newly engaged have to do with wedded bliss? Well – allow us to share how we think a wedding is about more than just two people pairing perfectly together! While we’re at it – we all know that chocolate is the way to one’s heart but did you also know cheese is too? Allow us to explain.

Now that the Province of Ontario is slowly reopening, people are starting to get excited about weddings again. It looks like we will soon be able to gather with a slightly larger group than just the two folks who are choosing to spend the rest of their lives together. That said, many have used this past 18 months or so to take stock of what is truly important to both them and their families and are choosing to host smaller, carefully curated affairs. That’s where we come in! The truth is, small (but hey it can apply to large weddings too) are the perfect opportunity to show how pairings of cheese, wine and even charcuterie, are just as important – and just as treasured – as the pairing of the happy couple.

Fromage can help make your special day, no matter the size, both memorable and tasty. Remember that carefully – curated comment? We can customize curated cheese and charcuterie boxes for each of your guests and have them beautifully wrapped in colour-coordinated ribbon matching your wedding colours. If you are looking for a unique idea and wedding buffets are still prohibited, these customized boxes of awesome might be just what you are looking for! They can be used as an appetizer course as part of your menu or even as a little take-home gift for your guests.

How about those wine pairings we mentioned? With over 60 cheeses from around the world all here under one roof, all you have to do is share with us whether it’s an Ontario Sauvignon Blanc, a bold Australian Shiraz, a French Champagne or Italian Prosecco and we’ll find cheeses to pair beautifully with each of them. There really is a cheese for every wine whether sweet, sparkling or dry and we’re experts and getting the match just right. You look after matching the ties to the flowers to the tuxes and the dresses and we’ll look after matching the fromage.

If you would like to think a little “outside of the box,” we have an idea for the truly bold. Not everyone loves sweets and certainly with some of the dietary restrictions your guests might have, we think a “Cheese Cake” might be just the thing. We’re not talking about cheesecake either! We’re talking about wheels of cheese, stacked and decorated beautifully to form a wedding cake the likes of which no one has ever seen before. Seriously – dessert has never looked so good. Paired with fresh fruits, crackers and perhaps a speciality jam or two (make one sweet and the other spicy, we can help you choose the perfect pair) and this is a “cake” that’s sure to appeal to just about every guest in attendance and it’ll be memorable too!

Stand out from the crowd. Do something unique that reflects the true unique individuals both you and your fiancé truly are. Whether you’re thinking “in” the box for treats for your guests or “outside of the box” for a cake of epic proportions, consider working together with the team at Fromage to customize something amazing for your wedding. THIS July, it really is wedding season again. As you look forward to wedded bliss together, don’t forget to bliss out on pairings of fine wine and cheeses too. Just like yours is – we’ll make sure they’re the perfect match!